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Genital Ulcers

Swaziland national strategy for social and behaviour change communication, 2009-2014

Swaziland Government. National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS

Swaziland’s National Strategic Framework 2009-2014 (NSF) for response to HIV and AIDS is aimed at improving and expanding effective prevention, treatment and care to all Swazis. The new framework pushes for greater reliance on evidence informed
planning and the mainstreaming of strategies for social and behaviour change as catalysts for more effective prevention.
Prevention remains critical to Swaziland’s ability to gain control of the epidemic. In fact, its capacity to continue to support treatment, care and support is also dependent on
its success in preventing new infections.

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Manzini, Shiselweni, ULHC
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Planning and Management
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United States Agency for International Development. USAID. Social and Behaviour Change Communication Technical Work Group. SBCCTWG. Prevention. BCC. SBCC. Coordination. Key Documents. Mobilization. Gender Equity. Comprehensive Knowledge. Multiple Concurrent Partners. MCP. Delayed Sexual Initiation. Condom Use. Condoms. Mother-to-child Transmission. PMTCT. Genital Ulcers. Post Exposure Prophylaxis. PEP. Male Circumcision. MC.
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