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Standard treatment for common illnesses of children in Swaziland: a manual for community health workers, nurses and doctors

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Clinical Aspecta
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CL BS/892
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Manzini: SNHI
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124p.: ill.
Swaziland Nazarene Health Institutions. HIV. AIDS. Aneamia. Asthma. Neaonatal Care. Babies. Drug Doses. Bilharzia. Schistosomiasis. Burns. Scalds. Conjunctivitis. Eye Conditions. Convulsions. Seizure Disorders. Diarrhoea. Fever. Immunisation. Lymph Gland Enlargement. Lymphoid Intersitial Pneumonitis. LIP. Malaria. Malnutrition. Measlels. Meningitis. Milk Mixtures. Oral Conditions. Oesteomyelitis. Septic Athritis. Pyomyositis. Otitis Media. Pneumonia. Bronchiolitis. Poisoning. Resuscitation. Skin Diseases. Snake Bites. Tuberculosis. TB. Urinary Symptoms. Peadiatric Rules. IV. Oral Fluids. Normal Values. Msane, Siphile B V. Ngwenya, Arlene Musa. The Swaziland Partnership.
4 copies. Includes Paediatric HIV Dosing Wheel and Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) Tape