Speaking Books

The Speaking Book is an interactive, hard backed book with a 5 – 8 minutes recorded sound box that is seen, heard and read regardless of reading ability. Each book has a total of 16 messages, featured on each page together with colourful illustrations with a short text and an icon that corresponds to a button on a keypad to trigger a celebrity's voice reading of the text. The back of the cover of every book has listings of phone numbers and contact details of relevant information, care and support service providers for children in the country. Speaking Books are an information resource on HIV and AIDS and should be used in conjunction with other resource material in on going programmes

In Swaziland there are three sets of speaking books. The first is entitled "What you need to know about HIV and AIDS" and is meant to provide basic information on HIV for this age group. The second is entitled "Coping with HIV and AIDS" and it provides skills and other information on how to deal with problems for children that are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. These have been produced for children between the ages six (6) to twelve (12) years. The third book is entitled "My Body My Choice" which provided basic information of sexual and reproductive health, and promotes delaying of sexual debut. This is meant for ten (10) to fifteen (15) years. 

How can a Speaking Book be used?

Speaking Books are a resource that can be used creatively to suit the needs of the user. Below is a table with a list of topics, and various activities that can be used to help the children learn.

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