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The Info Centre Custom Search Hub offers access to specialised resource collections, where you can execute targeted searches for health information from specific collections of interest.

When you enter a search term(s) in the search box (in the upper right corner of all Info Centre pages), you will obtain search results from the entire Info Centre website.

You can also execute more targeted searches by selecting one of our specialised resource collections below.

Info Centre Collection Searches only the Info Centre Collection.  This contains links to resources available through the Info Centre.  NOTE: Some resources are available in full-text; others are physical copies that can be accessed by visiting the Info Centre in person.
Swaziland HIV News Collection Searches English-language news articles about HIV and AIDS in Swaziland. (The Swazi Observer, Weekend Observer, Times of Swaziland, Swazi News, and the Times of Swaziland Sunday)
HIV/AIDS Gateway Searches more than 250 quality websites on HIV/AIDS.  Provides a fast and easy way to find relevant and reliable HIV/AIDS and related information.