Extended National Multi-sectoral HIV and AIDS Framework (eNSF) 2014-2018: Final Evaluation Report

Tom Mogeni Mabururu

The evaluation of the Extended Multisectoral HIV and AIDS National Strategic Framework (eNSF) 20142018 was commissioned to assess progress in meeting the HIV and AIDS response targets as well as the country’s progress towards achievement of the Umgubudla targets. The findings of the evaluation will inform the strategic direction for a new strategy 2018-2022. 

The specific areas covered by the evaluation are as follows:   Performance of the HIV and AIDS response   Contribution to national development efforts, in particular mainstreaming HIV in the development sector and Ending AIDS by 2022   Inclusiveness of the HIV response  Resources for the HIV response  Strength of the ‘Three Ones’ Principles including coordination and implementation arrangements 

The evaluation was conducted through a review of key documents providing secondary data, key informant interviews, consultations with various stakeholder groups at the national level. At the regional level interviews were undertaken with regional level leaders, consultations were held with REMSHACCs, TIMSHACCs and CHIMSHACCs while focus group discussions were conducted with men, youth, women and PLHIV. These data sources informed the findings and recommendations in this report.

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The National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS. Strategic Planning, Key National Documents,