Profile of adolescents in Swaziland

United Nations Children's Fund

This profile of Adolescents in Swaziland provides an understanding of the situation of adolescents in the country.

In 2013, UNICEF conducted a situation update of children and women using secondary data. The analysis revealed that the population of Swaziland is young, with approximately 48% of the population consisting of children between ages 0 and 17 years old (486, 752 children). Poverty is high among children including adolescents as almost 1 in 7 children age 0 - 17 years are poor and 35% live in extremme poverty. According to the analysis, poverty among children in the country has been identified to be the centre of non-realization of the rights of boys and girls including adolescents. Poverty is both a cause and a consequence of human rights violations and an enabling condition for other violations, such as lack of nutritious food, limited access to health and education and unequal access to justice.

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