The Baseline survey for the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Matsapha

Matsapha Town Council

The report presents outcomes of the HIV/AIDS baseline survey commissioned by Matsapha Town Board. The survey focused on areas within the current boundaries of Matsapha urban area. The respondents were heads of households and representatives of companies at management levels. Matsapha Town Board commissioned the survey mainly to provide empirical data about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS as well as interventions and activities undertaken by various organizations in Matsapha. Specifically; the survey intended to establish, among other things, the number of people and companies in Matsapha, HIV/AIDS organizations and agencies, HIV/AIDS interventions and activities being implemented. The survey relied on questionnaires and key informant interviews for data collection. A 20% sample of households was involved in the survey while there was no sampling among companies as all available companies were involved.

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