Home care of the terminally ill

Mkwanazi, Sam. Poulton, Brenda. Pratt, Louise
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Open Shelves
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CA BS/814
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Harare: Kolbe Press
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60p.: ill.
Island Hospice Service. PLHIV. PLWHA. Palliative Care. Carers. Home Based Care. Support. Emotional Self Care. Physical Self Care. Universal Precautions. Hygiene. Bathing. Mouth Care. Pressure Area. emotional Needs. Communication. Depression. Anger. Fears. Losses. Skin Problems. Rashes. Itching. Wounds. Shingles. Kaposi's Sarcoma. Swollen Legs. Feet. Mouth Problems. Thrush. Herpes. Cold Sores. Inflamed Gums. Coated Tongue. Fever. Pain Control. Appetite Loss. Nausea. Vomiting. Cough. Breathing Problems. Incontinence. Urine. Catheter Care. Bowels. Genital Problems. Vaginal Infection. Urethral Infection. Sores. Warts. Confusion. Sleep. Spiritual Care. Dying. Bereavement. Grief. Loss. Children. Child. Recipes. Nutrition. Teas. Herbal Mixtures. Solutions. Lotions. Drugs. medicines.