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HIV in the News

15 January 2020

  • Swazi Observer

    A brilliant female Form Four pupil is alleged to have committed suicide by swallowing two weevil tablets after discovering that she was pregnant at Ngonini on Tuesday.

  • Swazi Observer

    Emotions took over when Sipho Zikalala burnt his lover’s house after finding out that she had moved on with another man his age.

  • Swazi Observer

    Rape is a gendered violation that differentiates and disadvantages women on the basis of their biological sex and/or perceived gender identity.  

  • http://www.times.co.sz
    Times of Swaziland

    “This is a simple rape and there is nothing special about it that might induce me to evade trial, in particular in light of the defence that I have.”  This was one of the submissions made by the Zionist priest who is alleged to have subjected his daughters to sexual abuse.  

14 January 2020