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HIV in the News

14 May 2011

  • Weekend Observer

    Home based care is any form of care given to sick people in their own homes. It can mean the practices people might do to take care of themselves or the care given to them by family, volunteers, members of NGOs or by health care workers.

  • Weekend Observer

    What is male circumcision (MC)? Male Circumcision is the complete surgical removal of the foreskin from the head of the penis. In adults, MC is done under local anesthesia which reduces pain significantly during the operation.

  • Weekend Observer

    United Nations health officials joined with activists in hailing the outcome of a global study on Thursday that showed early use of AIDS drugs massively reduced the risk of infecting a sex partner with HIV.

13 May 2011

  • http://www.times.co.sz
    Times of Swaziland

    It is of paramount importance that people, especially the youth, get to understand sex and sexuality in the broader terms.

    While quite a majority of people are aware of the word sex, albeit from a singular perspective, they are not much conversant with sexuality. The latter refers to a natural part of the body of being a person. It is basically about our total behaviour as human beings.

  • Swazi Observer

    Due to public request, here is a re-run if the feedback on implementation on the health sector and NDS.