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HIV in the News

5 March 2012

  • Swazi Observer

    Courts have ordered government to close the tuberculosis hospital in Manzini because it poses danger both to nurses and patients.

    This was revealed by Zombodze Emuva MP, Johannes Ndlangamandla during the debate of the ministry of health's annual performance report.

  • Swazi Observer

    The Swaziland Business Coalition on HIV and AIDS (SWABCHA) focus is not just on the formal sector as it recently concluded its Manzini Satellite Market Health Programme for traders and vendors.

4 March 2012

  • http://www.times.co.sz
    Times of Swaziland

    Sometimes, there are not enough eyes cast upon the raw information regarding AIDS. The acronym AIDS, itself, is a label stuck onto a set of conditions, which when occurring together are known as such.

3 March 2012

  • Weekend Observer

    An employee of NERCHA is said to have embezzled about E117 000 of the organisation's money. Of the E 117 000 embezzled, about E50 000 came from the Global Fund.

    Last year, the National Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS (NERCHA) came under heavy criticism from the Global Fund Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for failing to account for about E44 million of their funds.

  • Weekend Observer

    The concept of community competency can be closely linked to social capital and is sometimes even considered a measure of social capital.

    There is some consensus amongst scholars especially sociologists and anthropologists that social capital is characterised by social groups born of shared experience which fosters mutual trust and reciprocity.