Frequently Asked Questions

Male circumcision

How long does it take for the stitches to come out after the circumcision procedure?

Normally stitches start falling off the after 14 days but this varies from individuals.

Is circumcision painful?

Before you are circumcised, you will be injected with a local anesthesia which will combat the pain during circumcision. After the procedure, you will feel pain, and pain killers are given to combat it.

What age group is eligible for circumcision?

Clinics offer circumcisions for boys 13 years to men 49 years as well as early Infant male circumcision.

What happens to my foreskin, is it not used for commerical purposes (sold)? will I be allowed to take it home?

The foreskins are not used for anything but are incinerated (burnt to ashes and buried with all medical waste found in hospitals).  It is not encouraged to take the foreskin home as it may be hazardous; hence it needs to be properly disposed of.

What if there will be a disease that requires the foreskin?

The foreskin increases your risk of many diseases as we have discussed. There is no disease that is known to affect those without foreskins.

What makes someone who is circumcised get HIV?

Circumcision does not exclude HIV transmission it reduces the chances so a circumcised person can still get HIV.

Will circumcision affect my erection?

Not at all. Even when circumcised the penis will still get an erection, and it is advised that one needs to drink water so he can pass urine to avoid the erection.

Will circumcision make me improve my sexual performance?

This has not been proven, but certain individuals do report this.


Can one reverse from being diagnosed stage 4 to stage 2?

Yes if they start taking ARVs and their immune system recovers.

Can you be HIV Positive and be in a position of taking the pills, and how can you avoid reaching in a stage whereby you have to take the pills?

You can’t avoid it completely research have shown that it’s better to take the ARVs earlier you are likely to live longer and better life so no one should be delaying taking ARVs.

For how long do the side effects of taking ART last?

There are short term that usually last for less than 6 months and long term that can take up to 2years.

How truth that ARVs can kill a person sometimes?

Highly unlikely most people die of HIV related illnesses before thys start benefitting from the ARVs because they take long to work.

How truthful that muscle wasting is one of the side effects when taking ART treatment?

It’s not muscle wasting but actually thinning of fat in the legs and arms.

If ever I may test positive, what can I do to live longer without ARVs and do a less clinic visit?

You can never live for a long time without taking ARVs if you are HIV positive (Eating healthy and avoiding alcohol and smoking might just delay the rate of decrease of CD4 but not all the time.

Is it not dangerous when you have been given a wrong combination of pills?

There is no wrong combination all the drugs can be used, different people have different preferences.

Thank you for your knowledge that you have shared with us, but is there any pill which is going to heal AIDS?

Not yet.

What happens when they cannot see the virus inside your body whilst you are taking ARVs?

The virus can be undetectable but it does not mean its completely finished it means the concentration is too low for our machines to detect it.

What is the bacterium is in reality and is it possible to take and stop taking maybe it’s an ARV. For how long should the side effect of taking ART last.

There are short term that usually last for less than 6 months and long term that can take up to 2years.

What might be the effect of the ARVs if you fail to follow its procedure correctly like you take them 30 to 60 minutes late?

Not much harm as long as it is less than 2hours but we don’t encourage that.

What to do if ARVs is changing my body shape, can I ask my doctors to change them or not?

Yes please we always encourage our patients to suggest and tell us if they think their shape is changing.

Tuberculosis (TB)

If you are in an environment whereby you don’t know, if the air is TB infected. How do you prevent it from entering without your knowledge?

Open windows and avoid confined spaces especially if there is someone coughing around you.