Frequently Asked Questions

General Knowledge

What are the differences between oral, vaginal and anal sex?

Oral sex is when you use the mouth, vaginal sex is when you use the penis and vagina; anal sex is when you use the penis in the anus. 

What erases the virus?

Nothing erases the virus but ARVs reduce its concentration.

What if someone injures me with a knife or needle, would you give me the tablet you give to people who have been raped?

Yes if there is proof that the knife or needle stabbed someone else who is HIV positive.

What is anal sex is?

Sex using a penis and anus.

What makes a baby that is born by parents who are HIV positive not have HIV because the fluids are caring the diseases? And its seminal fluids that help the sperms to reach the cervix so how does it happen?

The ovum and spermatozoa the cells do not contain CD4 receptors hence they don’t carry the virus, When the sperm fertilises the egg there won’t be any CD4 or white blood for the virus to attach they develop later when the baby develops its own blood circulation.

What role does viral load play in infection? For example with a viral load that is low can you infect another Person without abrasions?

It depends on how low it is , the chance remains there but it's far much lower in viral load.

What should you do if you find out that your partner is infected?

This is up to an individual.  Just avoid being infected as well.

What transmit HIV between blood and fluids?

Both can transmit HIV.

With Oral sex, is it possible for someone to acquire HIV from someone who is used to, maybe suck the penis of someone who is positive? Can I be affected when I am being sucked?

Yes either way there is a risk of transmission because there is exchange of body fluids.

HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC)

Can the virus be removed completely from my immune system if I take medication whilst on the “window” period? It can go from positive to negative?

ARVs only stop the virus from replicating so if you take you can only become irreversible infected (positive) if the virus gets to the memory cells. So if you stop the virus from replicating you minimise its chance of finding the memory cells within 72 hrs (by the time you are in window period you are infected irreversible but the ordinary tests can't detect the infection.

How much doctor do you pay for a lab test?

HIV test is free in Swaziland , Viral load is about E500

I heard many things thought about the virus but really what is the window period of the virus? I don’t really understand it?

If you get infected today the test we use can not detect the infection that early it can only detect it after 6 weeks , that period when you are infected but the virus can not be detected is called the window period (we don’t test for the virus but the antibodies against the virus , human body takes long to produce these Antibodies.

If I sleep with someone infected now and I go for test after 5 months and test negative does that mean I’m clean or I might as well test positive afterwards???

It mostly likely means you are negative , but about 1% of people take more than 6 months to completely show the antibodies we test for . So we usually say you are completely cleared if you test after 6 months. 

Is it possible to test negative while positive and are the testing machines or what equipment accurate enough to figure out the HIV/AIDS?

If you test too early after being exposed to HIV then if we use the screening instant tests because they look for antibodies you might test negative yet you have the virus.

It takes how long for the virus to be detected in the body once someone has it?

it takes 3 -6 weeks in most people.

What if you abstain for the past ten months then you go for the test, is it possible to be a window period or your first test is good for?

If you are negative after ten moths then you are negative.

Male circumcision

After circumcision, are the foreskins used to make Benny spices?

Not at all. Foreskins are incinerated in big government approved incinerators.

After circumcision, will I be able to have sex again?

Yes, after 6 weeks. It is important not to engage in sexual activity before then.

After circumcision, will I be able to wear umcandvo?

Yes it is possible. When one wears umcandvo it is only the front of the penis that gets into the umcandvo and the foreskin is pulled back such that it remains outside of the umcandvo.

After the circumcision procedure, how do I pass urine with the bandage on and the penis faced upwards?

Just gently face the penis down when passing urine and gently face it up after you are done.

Can I get circumcised if I am HIV positive?

Yes you may. Counselors will refer you to do a CD4 count. If your levels are up to required standard then you are able to get circumcised.

Can the injection received before undergoing the circumcision procedure cause impotence?

Not at all. The injection will minimize pain during male circumcision and completely wares off after that.

Can the penis develop adverse effects/complications e.g. lumps, non-healing sores after circumcision?

Adverse events are very rare, and doctors are available 24 hours to deal with any occurrence of adverse events.

Does the bible allow circumcision?

Historically, male circumcision has been associated with religious practice. In the Jewish religion, male infants are traditionally circumcised on their eighth day of life, providing there is no medical contraindication. The justification, in the Jewish holy book (the Torah), is that a covenant was made between Abraham and God, the outward sign of which was circumcision for all Jewish males: "This is convenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee: every male among you shall be circumcised" (Genesis 17:10).

How does circumcision help me if I have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)?

If you have an STI during medical assessment, you are treated first and circumcised after treatment.