Frequently Asked Questions


Do condoms have worms?

No! Condoms do not have worms as worms cannot survive in a condom. However, condoms have a water based lubricant which when exposed to the sun looks like small worms, but the truth is it only just the lubricant.

Do other students stigmatize you once you reveal you status?

We can't really say yes or no here but there are cases whereby discrimination takes place.

How safe are female condoms?

Female Condoms are safe and protect you from STIs and HIV.  Unlike male condoms, they are made of polyurethane, so if somebody is allergic to latex, they can use female condoms.

How safe are the condoms distributed free of charge?

Condoms distributed free of charge are those condoms that are not paid for and bought by government and its partners for public consumption are as safe as those that are for sale, since they undergo the same quality testing processes.

Is it safe for both partners to use both female and male condoms during their sexual intercourse?

NO.  Using male and female condoms together is not advised because the male condom may cause the female condom to move away from the proper positioning, and the male condom could burst with the friction against the polyurethane

Is it true that condoms issued free of charge cause thrush?

Condoms are made from 2 types of materials; latex and polyurethane.    In case the latex gives you rash, it is advisable to try polyurethane.

Is it true that HIV is also found in condoms?

Not at all.  HIV thrives in human body fluids and not in condoms.  Condoms act as a barrier for preventing STIs, HIV, and unwanted pregnancies.

What happens when you are using two condoms at the same time?

There is no added protection actually the condoms are likely to break than when you use one.

Why are some condoms for free and others for sale?

Condoms are all the same, except some are branded and some are not. Condoms are manufactured by the same companies and are made from the same materials.  The branded condoms are sold as many other health products are sold, and unbranded are usually given away free of charge, nevertheless, some governments and organizations give away branded condoms free of charge as well.

Why does one have to put on the female condom 30 minutes before sexual intercourse?

You do not have to put on 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, but it is advisable  to do so,  as the condom adapts to the human body temperature.

General Knowledge

What is vaginal sex?

Sex using a penis and vagina.

Besides drugs and alcohol what are other causes of cancer cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is caused by a sexually transmitted Virus called HPV.

Can a girl be pregnant when having an anal sex without using a condom or withdrawal?

Anal sex does not result in pregnancy but it can result in HIV transmission.

Can negative partners have unprotected sexual intercourse?

We can’t tell you who is supposed to have unprotected sex or not because besides HIV there are other STIs and unwanted pregnancy so each person weighs their situation on their own, someone might be cheating with an HIV positive person on the side. 

Does the PEP totally prevents you from contracting or it reduces the chances of transmission?

It only reduces by 75% meaning 1 in 4 people who take still become HIV positive.


Does the use of condom reduce the chances of getting the virus?

That’s the only known way with the highest effectiveness in reducing HIV transmission

How hazard is it to omit the intake of the ARVs maybe just for a little while then take them the next time?

Very dangerous you allow the virus to develop resistance. 

How high are chances of contracting HIV if you do a fore play?

As long as you are exposed to vaginal there is a chance of transmission even if it’s very low.

How long does it take to show the symptoms of HIV?

It varies but its 3 to 15years, hence average is 10 years.

How long does the HIV virus take to show signs if you have got it from birth?

Between 1 year and 15 years.

If your partner is infected and you are not, is it possible to give birth to a child who is not infected?

Yes through the use of Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT)

Is AIDS reversible say how this process happens?

AIDS is the state where you immune system is weak because the virus is destroying your CD4 cells, hence if you stop the virus your immune system can then be restored.

Is it possible to contract HIV if you accidentally prick yourself with a needle that was used on someone else and you don’t bleed?

Yes its possible you don’t have to see the blood  but the chance is low.

Is it true that there are people who do not get infected with HIV, even though their partners were infected and died from AIDS? I read about someone who experienced such?

There are very few about 1 in a million, but most of that you are talking about carry the virus but they are slow progressors.

Is oral sex better than vaginal sex?

Better in terms of what Risk of HIV transmission?? Yes the risk is lower but not excluded.